Meet Isabel.

Isabel Dréan is a screenwriter, director, and producer based in Los Angeles. She started her career in horror and psychological thrillers before pivoting to Christmas movies.

The shift to writing holiday movies changed everything, leading to five of her scripts being produced in an 18-month period. Her produced credits include 'Secret Santa,' 'Christmas Beneath The Stars,' 'Christmas on the Rocks,' 'The Holiday Swap,' and 'An Eclectic Christmas.'

Isabel's passion project "Love Letter to Laos" tells the story of how she ended up opening the first bookstore in Laos after the communist era. The project is currently a finalist in the accelerator program at the ATF IP market in Singapore, and she is set to direct.

She currently teaches a masterclass titled "How to Write a Christmas Movie in 21 Days," sharing her process for quickly writing holiday films. Dréan also frequently speaks on panels about the screenwriting craft and will be a mentor at The Good Word retreat in Greece in June 2024.

She continues to develop features and TV projects across genres, from romcoms to psychological thrillers, showcasing her diverse talents and dedication to the art of storytelling.

Quarterfinalist, The Academy Nicholl Fellowship

Next 100 (Top 7%) - The Academy Nicholl Fellowship

Semifinalist, ScreenCraft Feature Competition Semifinalist, WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Lab Fall Quarterfinalist, WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Lab
Quarterfinalist, Emerging Screenwriters - Genre Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft True Story & Public Domain
The WFF Screenwriters Lab

Walt Disney Television Creative Talent Development & Inclusion - CTDI
Cine Qua Non-Lab - Rewriting Lab 2021
LaNapoule Foundation -
The Good Word Retreat 2022- Guest speaker
Bipoc Producing Lab 2023- Canada - Guest Screenwriter




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Coming up in June 2024!


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JUNE 4-9, 2023 The Good Word Writer's Retreat is thrilled to announce Guest Teacher Isabel Dréan joins the teams in Patmos, Greece!

Isabel will share her vast knowledge of writing Christmas movies that sell! In her honor, this week only when you sign up to attend the retreat you will receive pricing that's as good as Christmas! Jen Grisanti Tyler Thompson Marti King Young Julie Yonek


APRIL 2023 [EN] We are pleased to present the jury panel responsible for selecting the screenwriting projects for the CASA CINE residency which will take place at the Château de La Napoule, from May 9th to May 30th 2023: Alexandre Perrier, Anna Glogowski, Aude Chevalier-Beaumel, Isabel Dréan and Marcelo Barbosa.

CASA CINE is a film and music residency organized by La Napoule Art Foundation and SERENA Productions. Find out more at


APRIL 6th, 2023, The Filmmaker's Life. LIVE INTERVIEW with Joanne Butler.

Filmmaker Success: Creating films that Change the World and Make Money

“Do you dream of making a living as a screenwriter? Do you dream of making a living as a screenwriter? The Filmmake'rs Life with Isabel Dréan. She is making her living as a screenwriter and will tell us how she did it!”



Christmas movies on UPtv

From Breakthrough Entertainment & Vast Entertainment.
Written by Isabel Dréan.
Produced by Breakthrough Entertainment & Vast Entertainment



La Napoule Art Foundation and Fondation David R. Graham are pleased to bring together Canadian artists of all genres to a new residency program in which artists will receive inspiration, support, and opportunities for career growth, while strengthening the intercultural connection between Canada and France.

LNAF will host Canadian artists including Ms. Isabel Dréan in a month-long residency.

Christmas Beneath the Stars (2021)
Logline: A photographer and anonymous blogger must write a secret review of Alaska’s ‘Christmas World’ but after seeing its run-down state she is inspired to help the owner’s ex-military son restore it to its former glory, before whoever is sabotaging their efforts succeeds.
Produced in 2021 - Breakthrough Entertainment & Vast Entertainment

Logline: An Ad Exec is desperate for inspiration to create a heartfelt holiday ad for her biggest client, but when the widower owner of the charity she’s been helping at discovers her real motives, she risks losing him - the one person who finally taught her to love Christmas again.
Produced in 2021 - Breakthrough Entertainment.

Whistler Film Festival Reveals Screenwriters Lab and Producers Lab Shortlists Whistler, B.C. (April 27, 2022): The Whistler Film Festival (WFF) is pleased to announce the 2022 shortlists for two of its highly competitive Talent Programs, the WFF Screenwriters Lab and Producers Lab. 22 projects are shortlisted with a total of 22 Canadian filmmakers, 11 writers and 11 producers, including several alumni from previous WFF Talent

Programs participating in the prestigious programs. READ MORE

Christmas Beneath the Stars is based on the book by Melissa Hill with a screenplay by Montreal’s Isabel Dréan. The story revolves around a nature photographer assigned to capture the beauty of the Northern Lights. However, when she arrives at her Alaskan destination the resort is nothing like she pictured. Secret Santa was also written and created by Dréan. Paul Lepore, Marian Lepore, and Andrew Bishop are additional executive producers on the project. <More> 22-07-2021

Cine Qua Non Lab

From August 20th-September 3rd, 2021

I am honored to have been selected as one of the participants of the Cine Qua Non Lab Rewrite Edition 2021 with my project "Love Letter to Laos."

Cine Qua Non Lab is a nonprofit organization based in Morelia, Mexico, and New York City, founded in 2010 with the mission of supporting independent cinema by providing a space for filmmakers to envision and develop their work.


I read the script. It definitely has awards potential, especially Oscars with the right actress attached to play your role.  - PRODUCER on LOVE LETTER TO LAOS

"Meaning&Magic - There is much meaning and magic in this story -- it is truly special. The journey Isabella takes the audience on is full of emotion, meaning, heart, tears, and sweat." -Nicholl Fellowship Reader's 2022

"High demonstration of craft, structure, and storytelling. A simple yet powerful story. Wonderful use of flashbacks. Clear voice, beginning, middle, and end. Characters grow and develop. Well-crafted characters and a very polished script. Roles that serious actors would jump at the chance to play. You hurt with Marlene, you ache when she aches. It brings light to the terrible battered women's syndrome, which would spark discussion. Very well written."  -Nicholl Fellowship Reader's

"This was an interesting idea for a story. The premise of the plot was unique enough to make us curious to see what would happen. There was a lot of mystery and suspense from one plot point to the next as the story unfolded. The approach to the genre was very good. We were riveted and weren't sure what was going to happen. There were some nice moments of magic. The meaning of the message at the end was cathartic." -Nicholl Fellowship Reader's

"Dialogue is nuanced and authentic. The writing voice is distinct, lush – exquisite – with something to say on self-acceptance and the joy of simplicity. The prose is infused with a rich vocabulary and colorful adjectives in order to paint a picture in our mind’s eye. With its cinema, excellent writing, charismatic characters, and uplifting catharsis, the script holds tremendous promise. This beautiful, emotionally-resonant film will appeal to many. And overall, it’s a superior script and a standout piece of writing for the author." -Nicholl Fellowship Reader's 2022

"This story has good structure. Structure in this story is very important because it allows the suspense to slowly build.  The script also does a great job at introducing the characters and the world. All seems normal at first. The dialogue is solid, creating complex characters that hint at their darker side. This requires patience with the read, as the reveals are careful planned out, and perfectly executed. Once I got past the first half of the script, I felt rewarded for my patience. There’s a lot of stuff going on here, and you could miss out if you’re not paying attention.

The tone is pitch-perfect. The suspense and intrigue will have you turn the page with anticipation. The intensity has a constant build throughout. The moment when Marlene (…) was so emotionally satisfying and I pumped my fist."
-Nicholl Fellowship Reader's